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We ask the right questions to understand you, your needs and your aspirations.


We design our services to fit your culture and resources.


We identify specialized experts to bring you the best solutions.


We team with your colleagues for the best outcome.

portrait of jill saletta

upper 90 consulting helped us to create Aspire, a system that has brought greater definition and accountability to high performance in our growing function. The vision, values and competencies contained in Aspire set clear expectations for how our people at all levels should work, now and in the future, eliminating flawed assumptions that could become the difference between good and exceptional performance. We’re already seeing tangible performance improvements, with continued progress expected in the future.

-Jill Saletta, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Tesoro
portrait of ron culp

Today’s managers are expected to hit the ground running even if they aren't familiar with all aspects of their jobs. So the onus is on emerging leaders to gain the skills and knowledge necessary as they advance in their careers. While some of this occurs through osmosis, savvy professionals continually must learn new business skills. upper 90 consulting offers a unique range of counseling and training tools to help navigate life in today's corporations.

-Ron Culp, Professional Director, PR and Advertising Graduate Program, DePaul University
portrait of kathryn beiser

I've held leadership roles on both the corporate and consulting sides of the desk. One lesson I've learned is that every leader can benefit from having a trusted advisor of her or his own. In addition to knowing the business, that advisor must know the function and what it takes to create high-performing teams, and upper 90 consulting is that kind of advisor.

-Kathryn Beiser, Global Chair, Corporate Practice, Edelman (former CCO, Hilton and Discover)
portrait of rob zeiger

If Mark Bain seems like he can see around corners, it’s because he’s been around the block. I’ve seen him wear the hats of client, consultant, leader, mentor, executive and advisor – and I’ve seen him do it across industries and across continents. He knows the importance of high standards, best practices and a sound moral compass. Trusting Mark to find a productive path for up-and-coming leaders? That’s an easy call.

-Rob Zeiger, Vice President, Global Chief Communications Officer, Royal Caribbean Cruises