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the world is changing

Borders and barriers are fading as people become more connected by trade, technology and language. Economies are increasingly interdependent as the balance of power moves west to east and north to south. Demand for natural and human resources is intense and multiplying.

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business is changing

Technology is radically and rapidly transforming how we communicate, lead, advocate, choose and buy. Crowds are providing the wisdom, funds and expertise to bring new ideas quickly to market. New, agile competitors build scale in years, not decades. The unorthodox soon becomes mainstream as new approaches are rapidly embraced and adopted.

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work is changing

Long-range is now three months, not three years. Basic, repeatable processes are being outsourced. Big data is improving decisions in real time – and shifting demand for new skill sets. Stakeholders and management expect high performance now, or else. Top talent with exceptional technical, interpersonal and leadership skills can dictate employment terms.

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leadership is changing

Collaboration across borders, businesses and functions is growing as silos fall. Hierarchy impedes progress as organizations build flatter, more decentralized structures. Loyalty is dead, requiring a new management/staff compact based on mutual gain. Transparency and authenticity are essential for trust. Culture, purpose and meaning, not money, drive engagement.

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we need to change

University degrees leave students in debt and unprepared to succeed in today’s workplace. MOOCs and other innovations are creating less expensive and more convenient ways to learn. Technical skills alone are not enough to remain trusted C-suite advisors. Continuous professional development is differentiating high performers and fueling their upward mobility.