This motto for the modern Olympic Games means “faster, higher, stronger.” I wish I could make that upper 90’s motto because it offers superb advice for teams:

  • Faster – New technologies are accelerating the velocity of change. Communication strategies and tactics are materially different today than just a few years ago, and there’s a good chance they will be materially different five years from now. Some teams are keeping up, but most need to stomp on the accelerator.
  • Higher – Teams should focus on how they can deliver higher levels of individual and group performance. CEOs don’t have patience for incremental change; they expect and need more value from all teams, including communication.
  • Stronger – Teams also need to strengthen their skills and capabilities. They should increase budgets for staff training and development to fill capability gaps in data analytics, content development/distribution and more. They should seek to attract and reward more top talent. They should begin testing new “comm-tech” tools that can automate and simplify work.

As Darwin observed, only the strongest survive. Faster, higher, stronger – let’s go people!